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Our company is composed of  professionals handling the training process for  15 years. They develop new methods of management and development of knowledge within private and public organizations.

Our contribution is linked to content production and to processing and consulting about new knowledge sharing processes. We made this use of corporate social networks or knowledge management developed by ourselves. Over a year ago we launched on the market a multimedial collection about that new expertise we believe strategic for the development of people and companies’ competitiveness.


Classroom training
Storyselling: selling techniques and strategies with the use of modern storytelling tecniques
Xbarak: leadership and management of consensus
Wenterprise: self-entrepreneurship and management of complexity 
Social Leader: the enlargement of leadership through the use of web 2.0
Visual Telling: how to create creative and effective presentation using visual thinking tools
Storytelling: storytelling techniques as instrument to develop business story branding and to improve personal communication
Digital Storytelling: how to produce digital tales by themselves and how to learn video to produce contents
Public speaking: how to learn to manage the audience and to pierce the screen

Team building
Recycling Work: the methaphor of recycling used for the development of the ability to use connective energy and to work on planning and innovation strategies
Wenterprise: self-entrepreneurship and management of complexity

Multimedia collections
Storyselling: selling strategies and techniques
Social Leader:new leaders are able to enlarge their own leadership thanks to the use of web 2.0
Visual telling: how to create creative and effective presentations using visual thinking tools
Complexity manager: the management of complexity





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