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LOVE - When contemporary art meets love




LOVE - When contemporary art meets love

Rome, Chiostro del Bramante, from 29 September 2016 to 19 February 2017

On the occasion of its 20 years of activity, the Cloister of Bramante brings together for the first time the most important contemporary artists with "LOVE. Contemporary art meets love ", the exhibition dedicated to universal sentiment and its many forms and manifestations.

For the occasion, Zeranta revolutionises the concept of audioguide, transforming the one-dimensional use of the exhibition path into an engaging and intimate sensorial experience.

The spirit of LOVE could not be grasped better. The exhibit of exponential works on the universal sentiment deserved a unique and unrepeatable story. Each guest wants to experience his Love Experience Cloister in an exclusive relationship with works of art, in a different dimension, the amorous one.

And the most classical of the museum fruition tools is transformed into five audio stories of the exhibition path, five partners, five different looks for culture, geography, historical context and lived dimension. The visitor can put on headphones and choose, for his Cloister Love Experience, the voices of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Amy Winehouse, Lilly and the Wanderer, David Bowie and Coco Chanel.

Love is always a form of self-recognition and, as in the loving journey, the identity of the five partners is not immediately revealed to the guest who, with a gamification experience, will have to discover it through the clues sown by the partner along the exhibition itinerary.







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