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AT WHAT AGE DO YOU WANT TO HAVE FUN? - The Zeranta audioguides for Enjoy. Art meets fun.



AT WHAT AGE DO YOU WANT TO HAVE FUN? - The Zeranta audioguides for Enjoy. Art meets fun.


Zeranta continues to revolutionize the most traditional instrument for museum use, the audioguide, transforming it into a time machine. After the amazing success of "Love. Art meets love ", the prolific collaboration with Dart Chiostro del Bramante is renewed, as a continuation of an innovative sensorial journey that redefines the canons of the museum exhibition. An emotional experience that the viewer can live through the languages ​​and poetics of some of the most important protagonists of contemporary art, discovering the common thread that links their work: entertainment.

The etymology of the word amusement, from the Latin divertere, means "to turn elsewhere, to divert, to go in the opposite direction". And to best express the revolutionary potential of the artistic message and make it accessible to everyone, especially to the youngest, Zeranta "brings on stage” the museum, making it the object of theatrical representation.

How old do you want to be today? At what age do you want to have fun? This is the question that will lead visitors to choose the personal audio guide among 4 different narratives: Age of the puddle, age of disobedience, age of apparent seriousness, age of wisdom.

The choice is the true protagonist of the change of perspective with which to live the exhibition path. No longer guided by a neutral and impersonal voice, the visitor can decide which voyage of knowledge he want to undertake,  free to admire the works through the enchanted gaze of a child, the hesitance and desire to live of an adolescent, the rationality and awareness of an adult or the wisdom of a grandfather. The Zeranta Edutainment audioguides are the result of workshops and interviews made to people of different ages who, in front of each work, told about the emotions they felt and their personal relationship with the theme of the entertainment.





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