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THE BIG MAP - mind map on collaborative processes




CSR exhibition and social innovation

In October 2014 we took part in the CSR and social innovation exhibition at the Bocconi University in Milan, with the "Collaborative Storytelling" convention.

”Spread awareness and knowledge through a shared story".

In addition to telling our experiences we have offered visitors a practice that would allow them to cross the boundary, even physical, of collaborative storytelling.

In the main square of the show we created The Big Map, a collective performance in which all the participants were able to collaborate to define the synthesis of the two days. Entering the map, observing the work of others and offering their own contribution, the participants animated The Big Map, the space where the collaborative process is experienced.

The Big Map is one of the many formats that over time we have created to activate the sense making or the envisioning of a working or target community in events, conventions, festivals.






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