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Jader Giraldi

"The power of doing is in what’s done"

Jader Giraldi is the founder of Zeranta Edutainment s.r.l.
He’s Zeranta’s author, director, producer and artistic director. He’s specialized in management consulting, planning and format designing for the training and educational fields. After his law degree and a master in job psychology for the last 15 years he’s been researching, producing and developing formats based on theater, cinema, digital visual art in order to create events, video and edutainment products.

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Roberto Pagliara

"The purpose of life is the search for happiness, but if we want to leave, we have first see the depth of   things" A.H.

He has s a degree in psycholoy of art and has collaborated with Zeranta since its beginning. He’s an author for theater and cinema, the creator of format of edutainment and multimedial contents for young people  and adults. He has great experience in social training in the field of storytelling. He’s the founder of the association Buio in sala – Visioni culturali and a creator of CIAK diVINI entertainment events, where movie and theatrical culture fuse  with the local wine and food one.

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Simone Bellanca

"The only man who never fails is the man who never does anything." T.R.

A skilled business communication technician, he graduated in theatrical drama with an experimental thesis on the dramatical works of Ascanio Celestini . He started his career working as a programmer for Tele Sistemi Ferroviari, assessing quality and latter working as a videomaker within the architectural group Tspoon. He went on to work as a multimedia programmer for the business incubator Play!. After completing a Masters in Business Communication he became an educational planner in EllesseEdu and co-founder of Hub-Roma. In 2010 he sends this mail to Jader Giraldi and from that moment his adventures in Zeranta began. Here he currently works as project manager and coordinator (factotum) of multimedia and audiovisual productions at Zeranta edutainment (edu).

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Nico Canzoniero

"Without music life would be a mistake" F.N.

Musician and audio technician he graduates  in Music Philosophy at Dams in Bologna. In 2004 he creates the electronic music project Pineal, for whom he publishes some works under the labels Purple Hexagon and Blue Hour Sounds. He alternates passion for live music, composition for video soundtrack with that for audio technic. He has worked with Zeranta Edutainment since 2009, sharing its origin and its professional and human growth. He works as sound designer, audio expert, live recorder, audio editor.



Francesca Cotini

"Be serious, ask the impossible" A.C.

With a degree in Communication, she currently specialises in working within the Marketing and Communication sectors. She ishead of production within Zeranta Edutainment working on multimedia and audiovisual production and using skills as a graphic and web developer, project manager, editor and colorist.
It is thanks to her passion for foreign languages that she has in the past lived abroad based both in Argentina and Ireland where she worked as a video editor and later as a graphic designer for Spanish language magazines. 
Returning to live in Italy she attended courses in photography, multimedia and table football untill she landed a successful placement at Zeranta where she was lucky enough to find a group of kindred spirits and dynamic digital coworkers.

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Paola Guarnieri

"There’s no solution on the surface, there’s no problem in depth"

She’s author, journalist and blogger. At eighteen years old she moved to Rome to achieve at least two of her dreams: dance and cinema. She took a degree in Criticism and History of Cinema and attended  the Master in tv e movie script hold by the Italian National Broadcaster. She studied broadcast jounalism at New York Film Academy. She started working for the Italian National Radio (Rai), first as scriptwriter then as author and journalist. In 2010 she met Zeranta’s team and she has never left it. In Zeranta she works as author, editor and advisor. On her blog, ItaliaPuntoZero.blogosfere.it – she writes about new languages, technologies, startup, creativity and innovation while on the newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano she tells stories about escaping brains. Her dancing shoes and her cinema degree are nowadays hung up the same nail, but she has many other dreams to achieve.

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Andrea Coiro

"Comunico Ergo Sum"

Andrea Coiro is Zeranta’s Business Development Manager. After a degree in Economy and a Master in Communication he started working for a famous  advertising agency and then went deeper into the business field working with Nissan Group (in Italy and abroad). In fifteen years he gained strong experience in different key sectors until he become Marketing General Manager. In 2004 he decided to open Mood in Italy, an entrepreneurial project dealing with a worldwide chain of fast casual restaurants. Today he is advisor in marketing and communication and, thanks to his lateral thinking skill, he has a real passion for creativity and innovation.

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